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6 Favorite Car Song Videos

For all of you car aficionados, we know that when you love cars, you love everything about cars! Here are is a sampling of our favorite music videos about cars. Enjoy!


Rascal Flatts – Life is a Highway from the Pixar movie Cars

The movie is for kids but that doesn’t mean they should have all the fun!



Beach Boys – Little Deuce Coup

A fun live performance from the 60’s, with some great footage of the audience thrown in!



Commander Cody – Hot Rod Lincoln

More live footage, this one was a hit in the early 70s!



Johnny Cash – One Piece at a Time

This is a great early music video way before MTV. If you always wondered what that Cadillac would have looked like, take a peek.



Meatloaf – Paradise by the Dashboard Lights

Originally released in 1977 on the Bat Out of Hell album.


Waylon Jennings – Just Good Old Boys (Theme song from Dukes of Hazzard)


Doesn’t that bring back memories…



More car fun!


If you thought this was fun. Here is a link to a list of The Top 50 Car Songs of all time!

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